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Clans in Destiny 2

Clans in Destiny 2

19th May 2017 - 2:43pm

Bungie have released a great new video showcasing just what we can expect from the Destiny Sequel's clan features.

The best bit's we've seen so far include:

Clan Branding

Clan Preview

It looks like Destiny 2 will have a dedicated clans section within the game allowing each clan to have it's own Banner, Season Ranking and Roster. Crucially, these features will be in-game reducing the need to visit the forums to organise your operations.

Clan Invitations


While not specifically mentioned, one screen in the video displays an accept / decline dialog suggesting that we'll be able to invite others to join our clans in-game. The recipient will see your banner, and mission statement.

Guided Games

Finally, bungie have revealed "Guided Games" which is a clever bit of matchmaking. Remember in Destiny 1, there was no matchmaking for Raids. This meant all group-forming had to be done outside of the game.

While this is still true to an extent, lone players are now given the option to join 4-5 man parties waiting on their last few players.

For clans, this is excellent news. It's basically a form of recruitment that lets you play with a random Guardian, and ascertain whether they'd be a good fit for your group. If all involved enjoyed the experience, simply ping them a clan invite.

More to come soon!