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Looking for a fortnite clan!

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im looking to play with people ages of 16+ I'm 17 years old I'm good st fortnite I'm beast at sniping I can rush and I can build fast and good I also don't wanna be in a clan with a lot of people in it I want at least 50 min and 100 max for people in a clan I also want people to play with and yeah I average about 8 kills a game and about cod ww2 im beast T sniping im good at everything in ww2 I average about 20 kills. Game and 6-7 deaths a game.



Liquid Beast will be happy if you join our clan.We are casual/competetive fortnite clan.

More info:


Hi! We are happy to see players like you want to join a community. We would be happy to welcome you to our community Liftoff eSports. We are trying to recruit as many high tier fortnite players at the moment. For information dm us on twitter: or join our discord!