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It started as a loose group of independent pilots. Ex military and civilians alike, working together to defend each other and survive. But it’s not enough, just to survive. They craved purpose. Direction. And so, Praetorian PMC was born. They used their varied skills and experiences to help others, earning credits while they did so. Their reputation grew, yet they remained in the shadows. Through wars, coups, aliens, and anomalies, they continued their quest to provide high quality para-military services to the Galaxy. Now, after nearly a decade, Praetorian remains, pushing ever forward in the galactic theater. -Praetorian Codex, 3309

Praetorian PMC is a Federation mercenary group. Our primary interest is in completing contracts for our clients, which gives us a wide range of opportunities and events, from BGS work to PVP. We train our Praetorians to be capable of taking on the toughest contracts in the Galaxy. Over the years, we’ve completing countless contracts, being hired by some of the largest factions from both the Federation and even the Empire. We have a custom developed contribution tracking system which allows Praetorian to pay its members accurately for work completed, no plugins or addons required.

When not on contract, we tend to lean towards lawful activities such as ganker/seal clubber hunting. We also participate in AX Operations, plan exploration expeditions, and work on our own BGS.

We have a high focus on immersion and roleplay, allowing our Praetorians to develop themselves both in and out of the Elite Universe. We encourage this through the use of custom biographies and log books, and a whole host of unique awards, badges, and tabs to earn.

If you think your ready to start your journey as an elite Praetorian mercenary, you can find us at the link below.