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D2 casual looking for mature chill clan


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Just your casual Destiny 2 player looking for a chill clan to do weekly raids/gms/events after work. Based in Australia/Asia. 27, looking for a more mature clan so it's more about the chilling than the rage quitting. Usually use LFGs but looking for a more permanent solution.


Main warlock 1341

Titan 1340? Idk he's for eating crayons


Anonymous (not verified)

16th Aug 2021 - 11:51pm

The Order of the Crow is looking for new members to join our casual group.

Must be 18+ and not offended by silly jokes. With that being said, we won’t tolerate twats, racists, or pricks.

Looking for an active clan with a great discord? DM me and we can handle the rest.



25th Jul 2021 - 8:49pm

Hey NAVI94, I just started a clan for what you're looking for. I'm 33yo and have a full-time job, and I dislike playing Destiny 2 with children after work.


My clan is called Noctophiles, which means people who prefer darkness/the night. It is a mostly PM/early morning clan based out of the East Coast (US). Chill, mature, weekly raiding/GMs and other events. I'm only looking to have 10-20 players join this clan, as to keep quality high, as well as maturity.


If you feel that this is for you, please message me. So long as you're chill, friendly, not a try-hard jerk, and like to play/meet people, you're welcome.


22nd Jul 2021 - 9:04am

Hey Navi94, I'm Cosmic creating a new clan starting out I've been a Destiny player since D1 year 1. Just getting back into Destiny 2 and I'm 22, the age range in our clan is 20-23 as of now.