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Destiny 2 1526~ Warlock / PvE & PvP / Looking to raid and do dungeons


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I play a Titan too, but not as much. Working on getting my Warlock geared. I have an absurd amount of free time and put most of it into this game. Looking for a clan that has active members all times. I play Crucible and Gambit matches. Gambit more than Crucible for now. Would like to get some gear before doing more Crucible.

I play on PS5 and have the built-in mic. Use keyboard when necessary. Alaskan daylight time, currently. Usually get on before 11am and go until I realize I've spent all day playing. Will be doing schooling soon, but I cannot work at the moment.

Also... I do play Rocket League often. Diamond 1-ish. More like Plat 1, but the game thinks differently. Always down for games. Final Fantasy 14 and GTA Online as well. But FF is usually just my daily dungeons and cactpot, and GTA is like once a week, maybe. I would be down to play though. I'm working on being a gun runner and have no clue what I'm doing. Want to do heists, for sure.



27th Jun 2022 - 12:59am

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