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EASY Company 506th PIR Region:NA|Language:English|Focus:PvX|Recruiting:Yes|Age:17+

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 About Us
- We are a Gaming community with over 9k members with supported games all the way from Hell Let Loose, Squad, Escape From Tarkov, Call of Duty, Overwatch to Minecraft.
-EASY company is based around commemorating the warriors of the 101st Airborne Division of World War II. EASY is a community of passionate PC gamers with a knack for military history and tactical shooters from all corners of the world! At Easy, we pride on creating a fun and accepting environment for all gamers. Therefore maturity, competency, communication and team-work are fundamental elements required to be a participant. We strongly believe that teamwork and coordination triumphs above kill counts and K/D ratios so overall skill is not a required element.

Why Join Easy Company?
-New and Experienced players.
-Veterans and First Responders.
-Team up with other members.
-Events and Tournaments.
-Join a department to become more involved within the community.
-Promote your Youtube or Twitch.
-Graphic design team.




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