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Jodiplayz | Looking for a competitive team | Road to TOP 250

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My name is Tony, and I am 25 years old and was looking to join up on a newly developed team, and work our way up through the ladders, and gain more experience together, and also have a good time! The games I normally play is COD, and pretty much nothing else. I am hoping one day I will be able to make it to the pro division. I am very laid back person, and also very competitive when needed to be.

Thank you!


Discord: TonyD#6303




6th Jan 2024 - 7:10pm

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20th Oct 2023 - 3:41am

Hey man. Don’t know if you’re still looking for a clan or not, but I started up my own called October Corporation. I plan to have it be competitive soon, and I feel like you would be the starting piece of the puzzle!

Since it’s pretty much empty and no one has joined yet, it would be nice of you to join the discord server! Keep in mind that it’s still getting polished up. 😅


If you want to talk, shoot me a DM on discord. Take care and be well! ✌🏾 


Discord: miketimesone