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LF a group, maybe? - Newish Player

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I've been looking to get into this game and I'm pretty much a noob when it comes to the game. I know the basics but find it hard to get going, I tend to die pretty early on. So I'd love to find a group of chill, laid back people to game with, maybe help me out and maybe even make some friendships in the process. 

I'm 21, from Northern Ireland and currently have a pretty open schedule so I'm free often so timezones aren't a huge deal and I'm cool with some delay issues due to ping. I do mainly game to have fun and a good time with people but do have a competitive and can be serious when needed. 

• If anyone is interested in teaming up, helping me, inviting me to a community etc then feel free to add and message me on discord as I'm more likely to respond there. 
Discord: JustSinistxr#7376