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Looking for active Destiny 2 clan on Xbox

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I am looking for an active Destiny 2 clan that does PvP and PvE but that also enjoys making builds, being involved in the lore and endgame content.  A clan that is chill, inclusive and loves to joke around while also getting serious when the need to.  I am honestly just looking for close knit group that I can feel like family with, a clan I can feel at home wth.

Thank you!



13th Apr 2023 - 12:28am

Hey, I am the recruitment officer for Hellraising Gaming (HRG), my name is HRG Surplus. We are currently recruiting for our D2 faction. We do hold weekly community game events for D2 every week. I play as a Warlock currently at light level 1762. Played since D1 and have most of the expansions. 

What we play are mostly for completing bounties, but also Vanguard Missions, Crucible, Gambit, and side missions as well. If there are special events we also play those. If you need assistance for ranking up we can assist with that. 

A mic is required, we also have a core community that has other games as well. If you are interested in streaming and/or eSports we do have opportunities available.

- We are a non-toxic gaming group
- Chill place to hangout as well
- We do have other gaming events
- We are also a brand and Company.

We are based in the USA within the Central Time Zone.

So if interested below is the link to our Discord. And I will provide our Faction link for D2 as well.

Thank you

Core Community:

Destiny 2 Recruitment Page:


23rd Mar 2023 - 2:34am

I see you are looking for a clan. We are small but growing. Silent Lucky Shots would like to welcome you to join our clan. the only thing we require is discord. you can message me on discord at katrare#3242


2nd Feb 2023 - 5:01am

i'm currently looking for some more people to join my clan, currently it's just me and my friends.

just needing more people for raids and such if that is what you're looking for.

you can messages me on discord (claymaver#4044) or just respond to this comment