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Hello Everyone!

Btw i'm new to these, if this is not the correct feature to make my candidature as a player, my bad x)
I'm a Mid main, looking for a full competitive team.

My history:
I Have played normals and bots only from season 1 to 3 then ranked, nothing serious, only on the latest years i started to play more competitively, and looking to improve.
I have played all roles trough out the years giving me a vision of the matchupps and a feel for all the champions.
I mained jung and mid in the latest years focusing now more on mid.

What i can bring to the table:

- I have 2 month of team experience
- Participated in community tournaments getting the 1st place as the winning team
- Basic Knowledge on all the champions, in the game and interactions
- Big champ pool in Mid -> High-proficient in 15+ champions mid, medium-proficient 10+champs
- 11 years of game knowledge
- Dedication
- Eager to improve
- Open-minded
- Communicative 
- Toxic free player (also had max honor lv4, and i have never been banned)
- Not ego inflated
- Tier 1 in Clash

Aspirations :
- Reach Master rank, in solo and flex queue 
- Win all Clash tournaments in tier 1
- Play in high end tournaments and win in them consistently
- Learning and improving as a player and team member

Practicalities (What i'm looking for in my team):
- Practice 10+ hours a week
- Organized team composition
- Schedule done ahead in time
- Commitment from all team members ( show up on time, participate in team discussions, etc)
- To be mature
- self-reflecting
- eager-to-improve
- Fluent in english
- friendly with a positive atmosphere (no toxicity, verbal abuse etc)

In game name: Jack Wilians
Discord: Jack Wilians#1356
Riot ID: Jack Williams#0007

I hope to find some like-minded players out there! :D

Thank you for your consideration!
Thanks for your attention,

Best Regards,
Jack Williams