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Enter The Void, a place built on FAMILY and CAMARADAERIE. The Void was formed to create a positive and engaging environment for gamers. From these humble beginnings The Void has grown into an organization unlike any other. The Void is made up from a variety of different backgrounds and each individual brings a unique element to the table which allow us to thrive and grow. We unite under the common vision of honor, integrity, and fair play, The Void continues to adapt itself to the ever-changing landscape of gaming. 

With a solid foundation in its Code of Ethics, The Void has weathered the storms that have seen so many others fall. The Void is a home for those tired of compromise. This is an organization of loyal and dedicated members that hold each other to the highest standards. Surround yourself with people that think first of the greater good and understand the meaning of teamwork. Join a clan of like-minded gamers, but also find a family.

If you're looking for a active friendly community then you're at the right place; you will not join and be ignored, you will be welcomed in and feel free to tell us your skills within communities and we will get you to the correct squad.

  • Do you want people to play with? Apply Today!
  • Do you like to stream? Come on over!
  • Are you looking for a place to bring your friends together with like minded respectable people? This is the place for you!
  • Are you good with making profile pics and banners? Can you design merch? Come on over!

At The Void we can help you become what you want to be! We are growing everyday and need your help! Are you tired of seeing these communities that have 500+ members with no activity? So were we. We made a change to our community removing all inactive members. We have now decided to implement a quality over quantity rule of thumb. That doesn’t mean your game skill that means your qualities as a person and your ability to be active within the community. We do our best to accept everyone but we will only be actively keeping people who are active weekly.


  • We expect that our members will be a step above the general internet population. Mature and professional people who expect more from gaming
  • Teamwork, trust, and communication are essential for the group to achieve more. We must continually improve in these traits
  • Being "the best" in game is more than just statistics. Honorable conduct, a positive culture, and rejection of toxic influences must come first
  • That we should welcome new players and help them integrate into the gaming scene and the community, so that the whole may benefit
  • We do not mandate participation in competition activities, but for those who wish, we will provide a platform for them to achieve excellence
  • Above all, we must preserve our guiding principles, even in the face of difficult challenges, to carry forward our community into the future


  • Integrity: Adhere to the playbooks and the code of conduct when gaming casually or competitively
  • Humility: Be humble. All players are equal; no one is lesser than another
  • Honor: Always do the right thing regardless of the potential outcomes
  • Respect: Show appreciation and recognition to your fellow players. Do not bad-mouth your teammates, opponents, or anyone else
  • Courage: Fight on no matter how bad the odds. The best stories in sports are the comebacks
  • Discipline: Grind for your goals. Create new goals, as you become more successful. Push yourself to be a better gamer. Grit counts
  • Compassion: Be understanding to all your fellow players. Our sport is young, and we should be focused on growing the ecosystem. Endeavor to be the tide that rises all boats

If you want to put your time and energy into another small, fly-by-night "clan" that will be gone in a couple months, then The Void is not for you. However, if you are up to the challenge of taking part in a real online community of dedicated gamers that have bonded together with a common purpose of more organized fun and better gaming, all while kicking everyone else's rear-ends on the field, then this is the place for you.




12th Jan 2022 - 9:04am

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