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Looking for something different? We are an organisation that strips out toxicity and drama, allowing us to get down to gaming. We have four eSports teams, and even support for streamers. We're invested in community, that means everything we do is for the people! Don't believe us, try us out! Be Subversive!

Now that we're an established organisation, we're rapidly growing in all directions. If you're looking to coach, or you're looking to build a team for a game that you play exceptionally, then join and talk to our eSports Director. We've got this structure in place so that you can get right into building your ultimate dream team, with all the the guidance and none of the micro-management. If you're a streamer and want that supportive base, then Subversive Gaming cannot only provide you with the tools to grow, but we will always be behind you. 

Through subverting the norm, we have established a safe community, where all voices are heard, and having fun playing games is the status quo. "Built for the people, by the people." is not just our motto, it's intertwined in every single thing that we do. All decisions are made democratically, where we listen to every idea! As soon as you join, you have the opportunity to lay the next brick on our foundations. The purpose of this is to ensure that any proposed idea or change gets put to the people, we decided from the beginning that this should happen, so we can all be part of something truly revolutionary. Still don't believe us? Try us

Our website has all the information you need to know, we're real. We're not too good to be true. 

Our Community Says...

"This community is great, I've not encountered any negativity, or toxicity within Subversive Gaming. I couldn't say I have any dislikes either! I truly believe in the growing eSports scene here, and I'm excited that I'll be taking a role in the upcoming Rainbow Six Siege team in the next few months! I can't select only a few things that I would say are my favourite aspects here; Everyone is welcoming! There's no toxicity here, members and leaders especially are super supportive! Ideas are always welcome, this org is built entirely off the ideas of everyone! My absolute favourite though would be that anyone can apply to start their own esports team under the SG brand!" - GhostlyRamen, 33, United States

"I like how active this group is, most of the other discord servers I’ve tried to join are usually dead with barely anyone posting or playing together. I especially like how this group is pretty friendly and when there have been some bad eggs who’ve made me or others feel uncomfortable they are dealt with efficiently. It’s been hard finding a safe place to post about anything, even besides gaming, feels nice not to worry about judgement over every little thing; so this was a good find! I also like the fact that the community isn't super competitive either!" RuluRoss, 27, United States

"I joined Subversive Gaming at the beginning of December and found my feet instantly and made friendships extremely quick. One of my first experiences was playing with the community leaders having a blast in GTA V. The community is great as you can play a wide variety of games and there will always be another member in SG that will have the game, so always someone to join. My time so far has been great and you have the choice of what gaming style you experience..." KaptaiNKabinetZ, 26, PS5, United Kingdom 

"Honestly, I was looking for a clan to join. I was looking to find games to play other than what I was originally playing because I wasn’t having fun with them anymore. Instead I joined up here and landed in a community. The people here are absolutely amazing and it’s more like an extended family that al loves gaming and the games I got sick of are all fun again. There are people across different time zones so there’s always someone to connect with. I even find myself having to pick and choose what game to play, because sometimes there are just so many options going on at once. They all lift each other up and don’t tolerate putting each other down (of course we’ve all got our digs we throw at each other for banter) but this community is amazing. Don’t take my word for it, just come check it out and you’ll see what I mean! - Kard, 35, PS4, United States





8th Aug 2020 - 10:47pm

I have a 2.5 K/D and 45 wins on Warzone while playing with Friends who aren't that good, but hey, they're my friends so its okay :).

My K/D on Multiplayer is 1.7.

I've been playing COD for 8+ years (currently 20 years old). I have 1 thousand hours on CS:GO and tried to go Pro when I was 16 but fell short due to me and my teams abilities. However, due to that experience I have amazing game sense and strats. I am usually at the top of the Lobby when I play multiplayer and I usually have the most kills in my squad on Warzone.

I'm trying to join teams, but the players don't show too much potential and have bad game sense. I want a team that can still win a round of S&D after I die. I want to join a competent team!

I hope that I can be an asset to your team and make it better! Hit me up :)


9th Aug 2020 - 12:21pm


We're still in the process of developing a competitive team, so we're advising anyone who's looking for a team to join that if they're interested in us then it's going to be hard work getting to a point of tournament readiness. Right now, there's a blank slate that the right person can take advantage of and build the team they think will win but also keep human decency and professional sportsmanship in everything they do. Toxicity within our community, which the competitive team will be active participants in, is not tolerated. 

Provided you meet the criteria, you're of course welcome in our community and we encourage you to join the discord link above! 

Kind Regards, 

SG Leadership