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ShorttyE - Everything you want in a terrible player


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Hi Folks ! I am a 33 year old PC gamer from the UK!  - Been gaming since I was around 5-6 years old. 

I used to love playing in the old Ghost Recon communities (the original game), I am looking for mostly just fun folk to hang with in Call Of Duty MP and WZ, but also happy to dive into serious competitive stuff when needed. I am only recently getting back into K&M gaming so I am quite rusty so feel free to hurl the abuse my way!

I am mainly over on Cold Wat at the minute until we get access to MW2

I also stream over on twitch under the same name if you wanted to say hi and put a name to a face first! - Let's just have a blast.



25th Sep 2022 - 1:59pm

Hey, we are a new gaming laid back clan if you fancy joining. A few of us play COD and planning to get mw2