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Very Skilled UpComing Fortnite Pro is looking for an Clan! (unpaid)


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I'm Vale, 16yo and I come from Austria with very good knowledge of English!
I am a very strong player with over $ 800 wager earnings!
At the moment I'm fixated on comp like arena and cups!
I am looking for a good team, org or clan!
Doesn't necessarily have to be paid!



24th Sep 2021 - 7:29pm

Hiya! NSG are recruiting!

What we offer: ‣ Promote Your Server & Socials ‣ Super Active Chat & VC ‣ Competitive Team ‣ Soon-to-be Team Funding ‣ Boosted Server ‣ Professional assets and stream assets ‣ We pay a monthly salary to a limited amount of people. ‣ Content creators ‣ Introduction Videos Personally Edited From A Professional VFX ‣ Scrim Server

What We are Looking For: ✪ Players with all around different skill levels ✪ Coaches ✪ Staff & Management ✪ Content Creators & Streamers ✪ All Regions ✪ All Platforms & Inputs ✪ Competitive Players ✪ Creative Warriors ✪ Trickshotters ✪ Content Creators ✪ Graphic Designers (GFX) ✪ Video Editors (VFX) ✪ Investors



15th Sep 2021 - 7:37pm

Should come check us out. We are an up and coming Organization backed by many professional players as ghost owners, and looking to branch to professional gameplay soon. Jerseys are being made and so is a lot of content to use for streams or in game