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Wolves of Amarok™ is Recruiting

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Easy rank up with low responsibilities!

Ever wanted the environment of a gaming community with less responsibilities, not feeling like its a second job, and not feeling like a drone or a number. WoA rewards its members for time and participation instead of pointless workshops, long meetings, and filling your head with useless information. YOU choose how you rank up. Want to join and just recruit and game with people, fine! Want to join and strive to lead a squad, fine! I will list out responsibilities for you now, Recruit, Play with other members.... yep that's it...


Wolves of Amarok is a multi-gaming casual community that was established on November 4th, 2017 and recently refurbished in 2021. Our primary focus has been to provide a unique environment that is calm, caring, and supportive to its members around the world. Since our launch, Wolves of Amarok has strived to enhance the gaming experience by embracing new ideas and adapting to the players interests a long the way. 

Our ranking system allows our members to participate in different aspects of the community. Each member has the opportunity for growth and may be promoted through time and participation. However, no member is forced into anything that makes them uncomfortable. With our ever-evolving community, we ensure to support the members in the areas they need most for them to succeed in Wolves of Amarok. 


  •  Respectful & Friendly Environment
  •  Multi-Game 
  • Game Nights
  • Creation of casual teams


  • Active Individuals
  • Friendly, Respectful Attitudes
  • Individuals interested in becoming a leadership role.


  • 15+ years of age
  • Working Microphone. We enjoy being able to communicate with our members! 
  • Discord (Mobile or PC) This is our main source of communication.
  • 1,000 Gamerscore (Xbox) 
  • Not a part of another clan/team/community. This is out of respect for those communities as they have dedicated hard work into finding their own recruits.


  • Zero Tolerance policy for Racism, Sexual Harassment, Bullying, Inappropriate Language, ETC..
  • Treat everyone with respect. No Rage/ Rage Quitting It doesn't make the game enjoyable to other players. Respect all members and non-members.
  • Follow and Uphold our Code of Conduct and supplementary rules wherever applicable.


  • Aporia Customs - Merchandise Shop
  • Fatal Grips
  • Fade Grips
  • Rogue Energy
  • Into The AM
  • Reload Focus + Energy Formula
  • Chairs for Gaming


If you are interested in joining our community,  simply visit the following link 
Wolves of Amarok Application (
Let us know a little bit about you, and type of clan you are looking for today! We look forward to hearing from you!

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2nd Apr 2020 - 10:53am

Hello Woa,

I am Acdemics I am a 12 Year old pro gamer i mainly play Fortnite I am looking for a clan to comfortable in and i would love to join Woa I think I would good Choice for me to Join Woa For any Further instructions please Email me : [email protected]

Fortnite IGN: Acdmeics X IRIS


21st Mar 2020 - 1:24am

About how long does it typically take for you to process that request. Just wondering so I dont check my email every 5 minutes