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About Adrelien

Adrelien Gaming is a top-tier gaming organization and community founded in 2016 on the fundamental merits of respect, loyalty, and camaraderie. We have always remained authentic to our beliefs by following the motto “We live to win another victory” Simple words that together stand as a constant reminder of the unparalleled comradeship that we choose to game and live by, on and off the battlefield. “AT Adrelien, OUR MISSION IS TO BUILD A VALUE-DRIVEN CULTURE IN ONLINE GAMING WHILE POSITIONING OURSELVES AS A GLOBAL LEADER IN ESPORTS AND GAMING ENTERTAINMENT.” We Welcome players from all corners of the gaming spectrum both leisurely and professionally, offering many opportunities for our members to pursue their ambitions by growing as gamers, creators, leaders, and professionals. We take pride in our vision of building a brand that empowers positivity, promotes professionalism, and nurtures an atmosphere that fosters genuine friendship. The Swooshes come together to symbolize our unity and interconnectivity, in-game or anywhere we come together Adrelien members are a well-oiled machine, Like a hive of bees, or a nest of ants, we game in harmony.