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About Amithus

I've been gaming all my life. I started a LAN center back in 2004 and it had seating for 500, we ran tournaments every month for COD2, CS1.6 and Source, Battlefield2 and Halo2. This lasted for 5 years at which point I was more focused on business IT support and decided to close the LAN center. Long story short, I am a father of a wonderful daughter and I own my own IT support company. I play a lot of games during the day and into the evening and most nights/weekends. I am mainly a first-person shooter player, however, I do have a lot of hours clocked in WoW, BDO, ArcheAge, and other MMO titles. On the side I'm also a paid tester for gaming hardware and software. Mainly Asus, Razer, Roccat, SteelSeries and Astro/Logitech. Being in my late 30's I don't have a ton of friends that game much anymore and I am really looking for people that like to be somewhat competitive but also are mature and understand that personal life is more important than online / gaming.

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