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ANML Gobha

About ANML Gobha

Welcome to THE JUNGLE | Team ANML. This is a new team started April 13, 2020. The goal is to have a place where people who want to join a team but don’t have the skills right now to do so. We will have different groups for different skill levels. If you have been looking for a non toxic place to chill and make friends you’ve come to the right place. About Team ANML ——————————- Always looking for new recruits of any skill level! Our teams will be divided into different groups depending on Game/Skill Main games-Fortnite, Rocket League, Call Of Duty including WZ Multi-Platform gaming  NON TOXIC Community!! What’s offered ————————- A welcoming place to chill Practices  Casual gameplay  Tournaments Ranked Teams Will be doing monthly giveaways once we hit 35 members!! Looking for ——————— Right now really need a CO-Owner if you think you would be a good fit please message me on discord yourself! Team captains  Team managers  Team Promoters  Team members  GFX/VFX Content creators  Streamers  Coaching services(when needed)