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About THX-1099

Hello i am THX-1099 or EPIC_sspazz and i am a new eSports General Manager with about 1 year of experience under my belt. I don't plan to sign with a team anytime soon as i plan to go on the GM market in late 2022 or early 2023. But even though i am not looking to sign yet i would like to express my ideals to teams out there looking for GM's in the possible near future. So let's get started. 

My Goals and Expectations for another team signing me: 

1. I want the team to have at least 3 or more semi pro players on their team

2. I want at least a 6 month contract 

3. I do not require payment yet 

4. I want a good staff to surround me (All of which i can hire if needed) specifically a Head Coach and Team Scout.

5. I do not want to join a team with a toxic environment 

6. I want to personally meet with the team owner and build a strong relationship with him/her so i can become closer to the team as a whole 

7. The team has experience in competitive tournaments 

8. I would only really like to be a General Manager for a team that plays competitive CS:GO and competitive Call of Duty 

Those are some of my expectations from teams wanting to sign me to their GM. As i stated before i am not on the market yet but i am planning to be in late 2022 or Early 2023.