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Mission Statement

About Us

Arcadeia is a community that was created to fulfill the goal of uniting like-minded gamers seeking true camaraderie and deeply enhancing gaming experiences together. Say goodbye to the frustrations of solo queuing and hello to a network of new friends ready to dive into a variety of games alongside you!

Arcadeia has been built on these key pillars, which we call “The 3 C’s”

  • 🤝│Cooperation: Work together to achieve victory.
  • ❤│Community: Forge long lasting friendships beyond just teammates.
  • ⚔│Competition: Embrace the thrill of friendly rivalry.

What We Offer

At Arcadeia we take great pride in actively researching and gathering feedback from our community to create systems or events that provide value and interest people to get involved!

Here is what you can expect from us:

  • 💲│Currency + shop system to reward those who actively engage within our community. (WIP)
  • 📅│Consistent weekly and monthly events such as game nights, watch parties, inhouses and tournaments.
  • 👀│Efficient and easy to use LFG system to find others to play with.
  • ❤│Passionate staff that are dedicated to their main game or topic.
  • 🤓│Well organised layout for all of our categories and channels.
  • 🏳‍🌈│A friendly welcoming environment for you to call home.
  • 🤖│A multitude of useful features are being worked on with our own custom Discord bot.


Our community is full of lovely mature people who are focused on having fun times together. Whether you’re a casual or competitive player we have others to match your vibe.

We are an adult only server being 18+ at a minimum. Because of this we understand the complexities of adult life with responsibilities with time being very limited and precious.

First impressions matter - New joiners are subject to our first impression rule - Where if in a short period of time they are caught breaking any rules, causing any issues or having a bad attitude they will be banned. It’s not worth our time trying to deal with immature rotten eggs that don’t fit in with our existing basket of good eggs.


Arcadeia is based in the UK, and because of this we only aim all of our efforts toward people based in the UK and Europe.

We are deeply dedicated to our local region and have no plans to ever expand out to other regions. Our reasoning for this is based on differences such as:

  • Culture
  • Time zone
  • Ping
  • Region-locked games


Dedicated Games

These are our main games that have their respective dedicated category that are played regularly every other day if not daily:

  • Apex Legends - More players wanted.
  • Counter-Strike 2 - More players wanted.
  • Dead By Daylight - One of our most active games!
  • Helldivers 2 - More players wanted.
  • League Of Legends - More players wanted.
  • Overwatch 2 - One of our most active games!
  • The Finals - More players wanted. (Sadly this game is incredibly underrated by the wider gaming audience currently.)
  • Valorant - More players wanted.
  • Warframe - We have our very own active and educational mid-late game focused clan!

Other Games

Do not fear if your favourite game isn’t on the dedicated games list! We also have our “other games” section where any non dedicated games can be discussed or played as well.

We are always open to adding more games to this list - Suggestions are always welcome!

Rotational Games

We also run some special rotational game systems focused on specific genres which usually rotate each month.

  • Survival Series: Survival game focused - complete a full playthrough then move on to the next.
  • Co-op Cycle: Co-op game focused - Shine a light on a smaller scale co-op game for a while then move on to the next.


We have these requirements in place for the benefit and protection of our community:

  • Must be mature - 18+ only.
  • Based in either the UK or EU.
  • Be a decent human being.

How To Join

If you are interested and want to join then please use our Discord invite link below!




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